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Au Bon Pain Prices

With all the hustle and bustle going on around, do you want to just sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with a chocolate croissant by the side and watch the world go by through a glass wall? Well, to put it simply, its time take an Au Bon Pain Prices break! Owing to its delicate French phonetics, Au Bon Pain simply means ‘from good bread’ and true to its name this fast-casual bakery and café chain is taking the food industry by storm. Whether it’s a rainy day out of the grey or a break from a slow work day, Prices of Au Bon Pain has never disappointed its cravers. And with their business going international, the enterprise is serving delicacy across the world now.

Au Bon Pain Prices and Service Menu

Last Updated:  08 December 2017

Au Bon Pain Opening Hours


To start off, Prices of Au Bon Pain offers their signatory pastry, sandwiches, coffee and breads and just the smell of that oven baked fresh breads would make you go hazy in the broad daylight. Don’t believe it until your try it! The joint takes pride in offering a low-sodium, gluten free, low-fat delights of salads, soups, wraps and breads. Their heart stealing show stoppers are the Chocolate croissant and the Red Velvet Cake! The Ancho Chili Chicken Sandwich and the Cup of Vanilla and Hazelnut coffee is a must recommended.

Au Bon Pain Phone Number For Customer Support

Whether you want to express your hearty gratitude or suggest a change, you can give a call or reach out to Au Bon pain Prices customer service portal through their official website. Feel free to share your thoughts and grievances to keep receiving an impeccable customer service.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE:   1.800.825.5227

You can try to fish out their secret to that heavenly food but remember it’s all on display already!

Headquarters Info:

Enchanted by the heavenly aroma of a French bakery, founder Louis Kane was compelled to step in and buy a bread to satisfy his heightened sensory organs. This led to the birth of a magnanimous bakery and café food chain. The business boomed and Au Bon Pain Corporate Office Headquarters found its humble abode in Boston, Massachusetts, US. The franchise spread its economic wings by setting up international franchises in India, Thailand and Kuwait, to name a few. The Au Bon Pain Headquarters oversees all company policies and initiatives.

Drydock Ave, Boston, MA 02228, South Boston
 (617) 345-9638

To find out more about their food creation hub or to see where the company hangs its virtual hat, visit their official website.

Au Bon Pain Near Me

About Au Bon Pain Prices:

Since its establishment in 1976, Prices of Au Bon Pain has been known to be one of the fastest growing food chain in the bakery and café industry with a tough competition from its contemporary food joints. The founder’s idea of displaying the baking equipment in full public, to create a transparent indulgence with the customers, was a massive risk at that time but the revolutionary idea took the franchise to its greater heights.

The franchise is famous for its simple and sweet Egg whites, Cheddar and avocado breakfast package. With a kicking espresso shot on side, this breakfast would make you go Hallelujah for the whole day! The all time American favorite Mac and Cheese is second to none and the Margherita has been the most popular of all coolers. The amazing deals and offers and the catering services has us by the shorts and curlies!


What could be said more about a place which provides a soothing relief to someone’s oven baked and quirky snacks cravings! Well, Prices of Au Bon Pain certainly deserves all the praises in the food world owing to its impeccable food quality and equally matched staff servicing. More often than never, the food has been given a full on score for its fresh and tender savory with a zingy touch of either the sauces or the sugar of a particular order.


 Surplus food items and add-ons to choose from

 Nutrition maintained food products

 Soothing ambience overall


 A bit overpriced for some items

To find out more information about their food products and offers, visit http://aubonpain.com/.

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